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We believe in a science driven approach, relying exclusively on data and solutions proven to be valid and effective. What distinguishes us in this market is the fact that we are not only consuming, but we are also generating studies and research. Our model comes down to insights, tools and recommendations able to drive business outcomes for your company in terms of talent selection and talent development.


We have been representing SHL Talent Management Solutions in the Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, and Serbia since 2012. Our assessment solutions are based upon over 30 years of research and development and cover all three major directions of the assessment process: talent acquisition, talent mobility and talent analytics.

We are experts in assessment and development centre implementation, being the only company in Romania delivering assessment centers aligned to the International Taskforce for Assessment Operations Guidelines (2012).

We have a 1000+ product portfolio consisting of measures designed to capture a wide range of assessment areas: abilities, preferences, competencies, attitudes, skills, knowledge, personality and motivation. These tools have been used extensively internationally and locally in various talent assessment and talent development programs.

Persons assessed/ year
Competency based interviews in one day
Persons certified
Personality questionnaires administrated

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  • We can now be so much more targeted about the specific leadership competencies we need to develop in each individual…

  • SHL’s approach was perfect for us and the outcomes we wanted to achieve.

  • We’ve shifted from a gut-driven process to a shared language. We are now better able to focus on keeping and growing our highly valued leaders.

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