SHL research shows that HIPOs are 91% more valuable than non-HIPOs. But today’s reality is that 73% of HIPO programs are failing to deliver business outcomes or ROI. So, what needs to change to achieve HIPO program success?

The best companies use predictive measures to identify true high-potentials, compare them against the competition and develop them through on-the-job learning to drive performance impact.

The SHL Approach to HIPO identification

High-potentials are frequently mistaken for those who are performing well today. However, only 1 in 7 high performers have the critical motivation and behaviors to be considered a true HIPO. Too many programs focus their efforts on the wrong people, which results in wasted resources.

SHL has studied high-potential employees and high-potential programs for over a decade and has identified the critical factors that determine their success.

Our model defines high-potential and helps to answer three critical questions:


Who will rise to more senior positions?


Who will be effective in more challenging roles?


Who are committed to the organization and will stay?