In order for organizations to be highly successful, the recruitment and selection of high quality employees is absolutely essential. Therefore, it is critical that an organization deploys a recruitment process which is able to maximize the chances of attracting and identifying the best possible candidates.

With a proven track record in supporting global organizations and their volume recruitment needs, SHL is well positioned to offer recruiters job specific solutions to help sift out unsuitable candidates based on ability and relevant competencies required in the role. Depending on the client needs, we have a number of volume recruitment solutions which are either bespoke or specific to the role.

Volume Recruitment

SHL maximizes the quality of hire in critical volume roles by helping remove unsuitable candidates earlier in the process. The result is a smaller pool of suitable applicants.

Assessing large numbers of candidates efficiently and objectively

Rapidly short-listing the best graduates

Maximizing the success of senior hiring decisions

Graduate Recruitment

While graduate job opportunities are increasing as economic conditions improve in many economies, organizations continue the struggle for filling their graduate vacancies. The need to identify the right graduates, before competitors do, is critical and requires an objective, effective, scalable and candidate-friendly process that does not rely exclusively on educational qualifications. SHL helps you find the leaders of the future by creating a proven process to zero in on the highest quality candidates.