Recruiting the best is critical for success. Senior roles are diverse and demanding. We define the required skills for the role and assess each candidate’s ability to perform at the highest level.

Select the best directors, managers and professionals to grow your business. Our Manager and Professional solutions will help you make better recruitment decisions through objective measurements that accurately predict future potential. How do we do it?

Defining the requirements of each role, no matter how senior

Giving each candidate vital experience of the role

Assessments to identify applicants’ suitability

Intensive testing to shortlist the best candidates

Solutions embedded into your systems to create an efficient recruitment process


Make informed sales talent decisions with actionable insight on individual and organizational strengths and development areas.

The SHL Sales Model provides a consistent structure for understanding behaviors critical in sales roles. The model, underpinned by the Universal Competency Framework, uses relevant criteria proven to predict success in sales roles, whichever sales style is adopted.

Key Talent Concerns:

  • 70% of sales organizations report that sales follow a more variable path to closure and 78% report that more stakeholders are involved across a longer sales cycle.
  • Sales leaders report that over a 1/3 of their current sales force will not be able to change their sales approach.
  • Highly engaged employees perform up to 20 percentile points better than their counterparts. But sales are lagging behind, falling below average.