Talent Acquisition

Recruitment and retention is essential at any time but in the current economic climate, with real talent shortages, recruitment at all levels is proving highly competitive. Despite this, few organizations have an objective insight into the suitability of candidates and how they might fit into a role.

Key talent concerns:

  • 82% of HR Executives aren’t sure they have the right people to execute on business strategy.
  • 72% of HR Executives do not believe they have the leaders they need to succeed in the future.
  • 22% of the potential value from strategic change initiatives is lost due to poor talent alignment.

SHL enables candidates to experience your culture and the demands of the role they are applying for. By looking at ability, potential and skills we give you an objective insight that will improve the quality of your hiring decisions. SHL’s Talent Measurement Solutions allow you to find the best applicants, lower recruitment time, reduce costs and increase retention.

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Talent Acquisition